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Considerations When Redesigning a Website:

When deciding to revamp your website, web design should not be your only consideration. If done by a web designer without SEO knowledge, you may experience a drop in your organic rankings on Google and other search engines. This in turn can result in reduced web traffic and lower sales and profits. Hiring the right web design company is thus important. That’s why many turn to Biz Edge, a brand you can trust, when it comes to web redesign and revamping services.

With us, you are assured of a redesigned website:

  • Build Using the Latest & Best Web Design Practices
  • That has Superior Core Web Vital Scores, is Mobile Responsive and SEO Friendly.
  • Where all URLs are Properly Mapped and Redirected (if necessary) to Ensure You Retain Your Authority and Web Rankings


The above price does not include our web design fees, which starts from $888 for a templated website.

Our Website Revamping Process

An overview of the multi step process we follow, when redesigning or revamping a client's website.

  • 1.

    Study the Original Website

    We will look your current sitemap to list down all your existing URLs plus your Google analytics data (if available) to understand where your current traffic is coming from (i.e. which are your more important web pages). With the knowledge gathered, we will then structure and build your new revamped website. 

  • 2.

    Build New Revamped Website

    A completely new website will be built according to your needs and specifications. This site will be hosted in a staging environment. You will be given access to it, to test the site and approve the design and layout. 

  • 3

    URL Mapping

    We will then do a proper mapping of your website, from the old URL to the new URL. If certain pages are dropped off from the new design, we will recommend whether to redirect those to a new corresponding page or to simply return a 404 (i.e. page not found) server response. 

  • 4.

    Launch the New Site

    Once, you have approved the design and completed your user acceptance test of the site in our staging environment, we will migrate the site to it’s live environment. To the public, this is the stage where the new site is launched. But for us, the work is not completed yet. We will have to make sure the search engines are aware of the new destinations for all your old pages, to accord them the same rankings you once enjoyed. 

  • 5

    Canonicalisation and Redirects

    Once the site is launched, we will, based on the URL mapping we have done earlier, redirect old URLs to new URLs (where necessary). We will also place self referencing canonical tags on the new URLs to help Google and other search engines choose the right pages to display on their search engine results page.

Important Notes:

  • As can be seen, a site revamp is a very technical process. A web designer not trained in SEO will not be able to handle such a project and if they do, you will likely pay the ultimate price of experiencing a ranking dro

  • The fee we quote for website revamping does not include the cost of developing your website. It's a professional fee we charge for ensuring the SEO guidelines for web redesign are being followed. Hence, you can also engage another web designer to build your new website and hire us to supervise the project.

When to Consider a Site Revamp?

A list of pointers to help you decide if you need a website revamp now.

  • 1.

    Outdated Web Design

    Web design trends change rapidly. A website designed 5 years ago may already look outdated today. And in a world where first impression counts, a dated looking site may project the wrong corporate image, cheapen your brand and affect your sales. It is thus wise to ensure your corporate website remains up to date, design wise.

  • 2.

    Website is Not Mobile Friendly

    These days, more than 50% of your web visitors will be browsing your site with their mobile phones. If your site is not mobile friendly, it will be difficult for them to navigate around and find the product, services or information they need. This is often reason enough to warrant a site revamp; to make your website mobile responsive.

  • 3

    Adding eCommerce Functionality

    Many businesses in Singapore still do not have eCommerce shopping functionality built into their website. And with online shopping fast becoming a new norm, now is perhaps the right time to revamp that old conventional website to an eCommerce one.

  • 4.

    Website Loads Very Slowly

    It's very frustrating to visit a site that is slow loading. Navigating from page to page is difficult and often, even the most patient of your web visitors will give up after a few tries. So if your site is slow, it's another good reason to consider a full website revamp and redesign.

  • 5.

    Low Web Conversion Rates

    The average web conversion rate, according to WordStream, is 2.35% across all industries. So if your's is below this level, it's worth to take a closer look at your overall site design. For example, is your call to action prominently displayed on your website? Is the buying process seamless and idiot proof, even for older customers who may not be as web savvy? If your site is not optimised for web conversion, an overall revamp is definitely worth considering, given that web conversion has a direct impact on both your top and bottom line.

Why Choose Biz Edge?

Our founder Andrew Koh ranks among the best SEO coaches in Singapore. He is thus very familiar with the site revamp process, including the need to properly map all old URLs to their new destination. He will also be able to help you implement proper canonicalisation of your site so that the right pages are reflected on Google search. With him overseeing your web revamp and redesign project, you can have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.

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