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We Dare To Be Different.

Our Purpose

To make a difference in the Web Design Services industry, by building only the best quality websites, taking into account our client's taste, design preference as well as the quality guidelines as laid down by Google.

Each site we build is optimised for mobile friendliness as well as the core web vitals to give your user the best possible page experience.

Best of all, our web design packages are affordably priced from just $888. With us, you are assured of quality work, but without the hefty price tag others may charge.

Why We Are Different?

Biz Edge is founded by Andrew Koh, a top SEO Coach and director at Awesome Sites Pte. Ltd. Through Awesome Sites, he has trained more than 5000 students in WordPress Web Design. Many of his students have gone on to become professional web designers handling projects commissioned by organisations such as NUS, SIM Global Education and Yellow Pages. From his student base, Andrew is able to handpick his best students, to be a part of his web design team.

So unlike some companies who outsource their work to third world country web designers, at Biz Edge, you are always assured of a Singapore based web designer handling your web project, whenever you hire us.

And once your site is built, it will be evaluated against our internal 3 step quality assurance process to ensure the design is functional and meets your stated requirements. This is how we deliver on our promise of producing affordably priced quality websites.

SEO Friendly Websites

All the websites we build are structured to be SEO friendly. From title and H1 tag to page URL, your site will be developed following the best practice guidelines issued by Google from time to time.

While SEO friendliness alone will not assure you page 1 rankings on Google or other search engines, you are at least assured that you will not have to tear your website apart or restructure it should you hire a SEO company to boost your search rankings in future. A good SEO company will be able to work on the structure we provide to further improve your site's rankings.

At Biz Edge, all sites we produced are personally checked for SEO friendliness by Andrew Koh, a top SEO coach. You are thus assured of quality work when you engage us.

Very Affordable - From $888

Many web design companies, with Singapore based web designers will charge you between $1,200 to $2,000 for a templated website.

And many of the cheaper ones are just collecting agents i.e. they bid for your jobs at cheap rates, and outsource them to third world countries like Philippines, India or Vietnam where labour cost is generally cheaper. Many a times, the completed work is of low quality.

At Biz Edge, because we have a steady stream of web design graduates from our feeder school Awesome Sites, we are able to get your website done cheaply without compromising quality; this savings is thus passed down to you. With us, you are assured of affordably priced yet high quality Singapore produced websites.

Our 3 Step Quality Assurance Process

All the websites we build go through this rigorous internal testing process to ensure we produce only quality websites for all our clients.

Requirement Evaluation

The basis of this assessment is the requirements you articulated to us during the project brief stage. From this brief, we will create a requirements checklist and use it to evaluate your website. Our objective - to make sure the final website design and functions and meets every aspect of your requirements.

Design Evaluation

It is important that your website is responsive displays correctly across various devices, screen sizes and browsers. To ensure this, we will test the site to make sure the desktop, tablet and mobile views are as intended across all 3 major browsers (i.e. Chrome, Safari and Firefox). We will also test the site against the core web vitals standards as laid out by Google to ensure your visitors have a good page experience.

Functionality Evalutaion

Nothing kills user experience more than a site not functioning as intended. Every link, button and web form must work. For eCommerce websites, the whole checkout process from add to cart to payment must be seamless. That’s what we do when we test functionality. We will do test form submissions and purchase. We will follow every link and button to make sure there are no broken links at point of handover. You paid for a fully functional website; we will deliver one.

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