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Engaging a web designer in Singapore is easy; including freelancers, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding who to hire. However, if you are looking for a professional yet affordable web design company, then Biz Edge has got to be your choice.

Biz Edge is founded by Andrew Koh, the leading SEO coach and WordPress web design trainer in Singapore. Through our feeder school Awesome Sites, Andrew has trained more than 10,000 students in WordPress web design. We thus have a large pool of web design graduates to draw on to provide web design services affordably, with zero compromise on quality. That’s how we are able to produce websites from just $888 without sub contracting them out to third world countries like what some of our competitors do. With us you are assured of quality websites, by Singapore based web designers.

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Templated Web Design Services

Beyond a professional look and feel, we will ensure that your templated website is SEO friendly, fast loading and provides a great user/ page experience. You will also get to choose from a wide range of WordPress themes.

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Customised Web Design Services

We conceptualise your ideas, taking into account your taste and preferences, to create stunningly beautiful custom designed websites that you will be proud to own. In short, we build websites that you will love.

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eCommerce Web Design Services

We will give your customers an awesome shopping experience, resulting in greater sales and more customer account sign ups. We do it by ensuring your site is fast loading and the buying process, seamless.

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Website Revamp Services

Beyond just redesigning your website, our work involves studying your original site and mapping the URLs to ensure you retain your existing search rankings on Google and other search engines, after the revamp.

Templated Websites

  • Premium Templates (Fast Loading)
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • 1 Year Free Domain and Hosting (worth $120 per year)
  • Complimentary User Training

Custom Design Websites (Popular)

  • Designed To Your Preference
  • Up to 10 Pages (5 Different Layouts)
  • 1 Year Free Domain and Hosting (worth $120 per year)
  • Complimentary User Training
  • 1 Month Free Web Maintenance Service

eCommerce Websites

  • Premium Templates (Fast Loading)
  • Up to 20 Pages (Inclusive of Product Pages)
  • 1 Year Free Domain and Hosting (worth $120 per year)
  • Complimentary User Training

Why Hire Us As Your Web Designer?

At Biz Edge, we take pride in delivering only the best quality websites. The following is what you can expect from us as your web designers...

Modern, Aesthetically Pleasing Websites

Like all good web design companies, we will take into account your preference when designing your website. What makes us standout though is that our team is always keeping abreast of the latest web design trends and technology, both in Singapore and the world over.

Why are we so up to date, you may ask? Simply because our founder, Andrew Koh, through Awesome Sites, trains the most popular WordPress training courses in Singapore. And because we need to keep our course syllabus up to date, we make it a point to be always updated on the latest developments in the WordPress community, including web design trends. Our clients can thus benefit from this in-depth knowledge that we have and our ability to produce modern websites that are aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Since the first quarter of 2017, mobile traffic has consistently accounted for more than 50% of all web traffic (source: Statista). Hence, it’s imperative that your new website is mobile friendly. There are different ways to make a website mobile friendly. Facebook, for example, use the m-dot approach, while Amazon went for adaptive web design. There is a third alternative - Mobile Responsive Web Design – Why It’s Important?. That’s the method Google recommends because it’s easy to implement and less costly to maintain. That’s the approach we adopt too.

At Biz Edge, all websites we develop are guaranteed to be mobile responsive. They will fit nicely into devices of any screen size. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone your web visitor is using to browse your site, you can be assured that your site will display nicely on his screen, each and every time. That’s mobile responsive web design and that’s currently the preferred way to build mobile friendly websites.

Superior Core Web Vital Performance Scores

Core web vitals measures how fast the main content of a web page loads, the time interval before the page is interactive as well as its layout stability. And core web vitals is important because it is part of the page experience update Google rolled out in June 021. In a nutshell, web pages with good core web vital scores provides users with better page experience. This in turn translate to lower bounce rate, longer time on site and higher number of page views per visitor and most importantly, higher web conversions.

As such, every website we build is optimised for page speed, following the best practices of speed optimisation such as caching, serving of properly sized images in WebP format, text compression, minifying of CSS and Javascript etc.

We don’t just build beautiful websites, but also quality sites that offer your web visitor a superior page/ user experience.

SEO Friendly Websites

A SEO friendly website will allow Google to crawl and index all pages of your website easily and better understand its content and context. That’s the first step towards better rankings on the search engine result page (SERP). Why? Because Google cannot rank a page if it cannot crawl, index and understand it. And with better rankings, the more targeted web traffic you will get from Google organic search. This in turn will lead to more sales and profits.

SEO considerations aside, an SEO friendly website is also more user friendly. Your web visitors will be able to navigate your site more efficiently to find the information they need. This leads to better user experience and helps your company project a more professional image and overall trustworthiness.

With us, you are assured of an SEO friendly website. All sites we produce are personally vetted by Andrew Koh, Singapore’s Top SEO coach to ensure compliance with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

A Singapore Based Web Design Company

We love web design. And we take pride in producing stunning websites. That's why we founded Biz Edge Consultancy Pte. Ltd. - to express our creativity and carve a niche for ourselves by offering simple yet modern and beautiful website designs that captures your web visitors immediate attention and converts them into customers. 

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Singapore's Preferred Web Designers

WordPress - Our Preferred CMS

All our client websites are build on WordPress. We prefer the WordPress CMS simply because it’s the best. Here’s why:

  • Number 1 in Market Share

    WordPress has the largest market share in the CMS world, is free and used by some of the most famous multinational corporations and universities including Microsoft, Facebook and Harvard University

  • Access to Source Code

    You are given access to the source code which means any PHP developer can continue to maintain the site for you, even if the WordPress foundation were to become insolvent

  • Availability of Wide Range of Plugins

    There’s a wide range of plugins available off the shelf, making development work less costly for you

  • Free Updates & Security Patches

    Peace of mind knowing that updates and security patches are provided free of charge whenever vulnerabilities are discovered.

Our Portfolio


Our Testimonials

Lovely Mobile Friendly Design

Engaged them to build my company website in March 2020. Since then, many customers have commented that the website looks great. As for myself, I like it that it loads pretty fast and provides great user experience on desktop as well as mobile.

Nicky Teo
Simple and Straight Forward

I love working with Amanda. She is simple, straight forward and delivers on her promises. Mine is a custom designed site and she is able to translate my ideas and conceptualise the site perfectly.

Ryan Tan

Creative and Very Talented

It was a pleasure working with Andrea. I loved the design she proposed. It shows her talent and creativity. Best of all, her prices are very reasonable when compared to other web design companies. Highly recommended.

Shawn Lim

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on a number of factors including the number of pages required, complexity of the design, functions needed as well as whether custom coding is involved.

A typical 10 page templated website will take about 3 weeks to complete while a custom designed one may take up to 2 months.

Photos and images are to be provided by you. Many clients we work with already have their own images and thus the prices we quote for web design does not come with images.

Should you need images, you can opt for paid stock images or commission us to do a photoshoot. Our photography services are reasonably priced and the photos we capture can help add a touch of class to your website.

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