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March 7 2021

How To Prepare For WordPress 5.7

On 25 February, we wrote about the new features and enhancements expected in WordPress 5.7. In the article, ...
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February 10 2021

Website Backup – Why It’s Important

In every web design class we conduct at Awesome sites, where our founder Andrew Koh is the lead ...
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January 8 2021

WordPress Themes – All You Need to Know

WordPress Themes – What Are They? A WordPress theme is a collection of files, largely consisting of templates ...
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Web Designer's Workspace

December 28 2020

WordPress Plugins – Important Considerations

What Are WordPress Plugins? Plugins are pieces of software, written in PHP that extends the functions of the ...
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Web Designer's Desk

December 15 2020

WordPress CMS – Why We Love it?

Speak to different web designers or developers and you will see that they will all recommend you different ...
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December 8 2020

Core Web Vitals – What Is It?

As early as 2010, Google introduced page speed and made it a ranking factor for desktop search. And ...
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